Cabanon 2016 Tents


Cabanon is a French company manufacturing framed camping tents, which are robust, hard-wearing, waterproof and breathable.

For all your outdoor holidays, Cabanon tents can get you as near as possible to nature.

For every camper the Cabanon tent company can offer quality family-sized canvas camping tents made from cotton or poly-cotton, traditional ridge tents, a range of very high quality camping trailers and very comfortable dome and tunnel-shaped tents.

The Cabanon Tent Factory can offer a large range of waterproof, resistant tents and camping trailers to provide all the necessary comforts for a successful camping trip. Whether you are looking to buy an igloo tent, a traditional tent, a family-sized one or a folding trailer, the Cabanon Tent Factory will definitely have available the type of tent to meet your needs.

cabanon-tent-forest cabanon-tent-picnic cabanon-tent-valley cabanon-tent-seaside

Family Tents (2 - 5 Persons)

Sleeping Capacity: 2

Sleeping Capacity: 3

Sleeping Capacity: 4

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AWAYA 370:
Sleeping Capacity: 5


Tents for Groups (6 - 20 Persons)

AWAYA 440:
Sleeping Capacity: 6

Sleeping Capacity: 6

Sleeping Capacity:

awaya440 biscaya440 cabanon-borabora
awaya440-heioght biscaya-height  


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