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No matter how you spend your holiday whether in your caravan, your camper or your tent, you want it to be free from stress with everything you need for that perfect time away. So, having a one-stop-shop is the easiest way to get everything you need to do that. Here are Crowland Caravans & Camping we have an Aladdin’s cave full of small and large accessories for both caravaners and campers alike. Keeping life charged up we now sell Batteries aswell as Solar Panels and keeping your caravan moving easily are our range of Motor Movers.

Motor Movers

A motor mover will really take a weight off your mind. It helps to maneouver your caravan electrically without the need for manual pushing and pulling or towing. They are extremely popular for making moving your caravan easy – great if you have a difficult pitch to get in to or a tight storage space.

They come in various shapes and sizes and you’ll need to select the right model which are designed for either single or twin axle caravans. We currently stock Truma, Reich & Powr Motor Movers. Click here for more detailed information and specs on our range of Motor Movers. However, please ask our experienced staff to advise you if you need it.

Solar Panels

logo Solar Technology InternationalNow available in store: Created by Solar Technology International, the 100 Watt Solar Panel Kit is able to meet higher power demands and includes bypass diodes to minimise the effect of shadows. It delivers maximum power in the smallest module size saving weight and space. Suitable for powering many higher power consumption devices.

The 100 watt panel provides a continuous trickle feed maintaining and extending the life of any 12 volt battery. The 100 watt solar panel is supplied with all the necessary cable (5m), connectors, detailed installation instructions

The 10Ah (STCC10) Charge controller (sold separately) should be used with this kit to protect the battery from being overcharged and to prevent reverse current drain.

  • High efficiency crystalline cell for “all weather” charging
  • Perfect for TV operation, 240v appliances* and for permanent fitting
  • Water resistant, robust construction for outdoor use.
  • 20 year cell warranty and 10 year module warranty***

An inverter is required power or charge 240v appliances – not included

***Cell performance warranty states that at 20 years the cell output will be no less than 80% of new performance values – i.e the cell degradation rate will be no greater than 20% in 20 years


Both batteries can be connected with four batteries in series or parallel if a power bank is needed and each battery’s internal BMS ensures all the lithium cells are perfectly balanced to give outstanding and reliable performance.
Fitted with a Bluetooth app, you can keep abreast of the vital information at all times when connected to an Android or Apple smart device. Information such as current, voltage, power (w) and state of charge can be interrogated at any time and the smart operating system even send you a warning well before the battery gets to a low state of discharge giving plenty of time to get it recharged. Lifos batteries 68 & 105 come with a five year warranty.


Lifos 68Ah/12v Smart Lithium (LiFePO4) Battery (LB0068)

Lifos 68 is the ideal swap out for a caravan, boat or RV battery. Without the need for additional charging equipment, Lifos 68 is a direct drop in exchange for a lead acid battery. But unlike the lead acid equivalent, Lifos 68 weighs much less, lasts much longer and comes with a smart device Bluetooth app to keep you informed of the battery performance at all times.

 The Lifos 68 provides a massive 2750 cycles (note – a cycle is considered a full charge and discharge) at 90% depth of discharge, ensuing that 61.2Ah of usable power is available. Compare this to a lead acid battery with a typical 50% DOD and it’s clear that a 120Ah gross capacity will be needed to replicate the power of Lifos 68. And yet, Lifos is a third smaller in size and a quarter the weight. Its huge 2750 cycles (at 90% DOD) jumps to an even more impressive 3500 cycles at 75% DOD – that’s nearly 10 years of trouble free operation.

Lifos 105Ah/12v Smart Lithium (LiFePO4) Battery (LB0105)

As the flagship in the Lifos range, the Lifos 105 is the only choice where maximum power, minimal weight and longest cycle life are critical. Whether used to power electric marine motors or in large RVs, off grid properties, for on location audio visual equipment power, powering emergency “blue light” equipment or in commercial applications such as road signage, the Lifos 105 provides quick charging reliable power in all circumstances.

The Lifos 105 provides an amazing 2750 charge / discharge cycles with a 95% depth of discharge giving a usable battery capacity of 99.75Ah. To replace this a 200Ah lead acid battery would be needed but instead of weighing in at nearly 60kgs, the Lifos 105 is a featherweight 11.9kgs.


Everything else you need…

You’ll find all the latest designs on a host of items from kettles to windbreaks, we hold stock on the larger items you need like outside cookers & bbqs as well as the small things like spanners, you will find rolls of different flooring to choose from and fans to keep you cool in summer. Last year we had an updated from Isabella now being able to showcase their wonderful awnings and furniture range offering something to everyone.

Come along and see us in store or visit us online at you can click and collect as well as have your order delivered.

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